What are Business Assets & why do they need protecting?

I see quite a few posts in Facebook groups about Instagram accounts being hacked or deleted! What a gastly way to start the day
I’d be gutted … sitting in the corner rocking back & forth, doing that ugly face howling thing! Don’t even reckon bubbles would console me 😱

… if you’ve ever been in the same position, you’ll know it’s not easy to get an actual helpful response from social media support to get your account back.

So how can you defend against this happening with your social media accounts?
There’s little you can do to stop it happening ’cause you don’t own those sites – you are leasing space on there… and it’s not like you can just restore a backup

BUT what you can do is PREPARE!

Make sure you have as many of your followers, fans, likers etc on YOUR OWN contact list – whether it’s an email list or in your website as subscribers or members.
That way, if the unfrickinthinkable happens – you still have a way to contact those people … and if need be you can ask them to rejoin a new account.

So start putting together a plan to encourage your customer & fan base to join your website, or your email newsletter … there are tons of creative ways you can do this while having your peeps love you even more

Never have all of your eggs in one basket – specially if you don’t own the basket!!!

If you’d like a bit of help with getting systems in place to gather up all your contacts, feel free to hit us up!

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