What are SEO Keywords & how do they work?

What are SEO Keywords & how do you use them?

Here's the answers to the questions we get asked most about Keywords...

1. What are Keywords?

These are the words or phrases people type into Google when they want to find someone who does what you do.

By adding these keywords to your website, you're telling Google (and other search engines):

  • what your website is about;
  • what your business is;
  • what you do;
  • and why you're the best result for the person typing those Keywords into Google!
2. What Keywords should I target?

The Keywords you target need to be focused on what your potential customers would call your industry, business, products, or services.

Not what you or others in your industry would call them!

Perfect example - WE know that our services are Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short.

Our Clients generally don't know what it's called - they often just search "how to get on Google".

3. How many Keywords can I target?

This one doesn't have a definite answer.

You want to tell Google what your website it about, but you don't want to spread yourself too thin because each keyword you target should be featured pretty heavily in the content (aka text) on your website.

As a general rule - we say no more than 4 keywords.

Unless you're going to be working on creating keyword rich content (aka - text that has lots of your keywords in it, but still makes sense to read lol).

4. How do I know what Keywords my customers are using?

There's heaps of tools and simple methods to work out what Keywords your customers are typing into Google.

In saying that, the main goal with any SEO Campaign is to beat your competition to the top of the results right?

So jump on the websites of your competition and see what Keywords they're using and use them as a starting point to either target the same Keywords, or similar ones that relate to your business, products, services or industry.

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