Website Launch Approval

Before we send your website live, we need to have your consent to do so.

Could you please submit the form below and we'll get started straight away on your migration.

Website Launch Approval
Your Name
Your Name
  • I confirm that the presented website meets the scope of work outlined in my project Invoice.
  • I confirm that I am happy with the website as presented.
  • I confirm that I have been shown how to use and manage my new website, via an indepth screenshare 'Driving Lesson'.
  • I understand that any future work and / or changes to my website will be quoted as an additional project, meaning additional charges will be incurred.
  •  I understand that I will be provided with a Website Handover Guide that lists all of the log in information relevant to my website.
  •  I understand that website hosting is a monthly charge that is due in advance in order to keep my website live and avoid suspension.
  • I understand that all efforts will be made by Dominate Marketing Hub Pty Ltd T/A Sistas In Success to communicate in a timely manner to any enquiries.
    • All enquiries are to be made via email to OR
      Office days are Monday to Thursday.
    • Urgent email enquiries may be responded to outside of office hours, at our discretion.
  •  I authorise the launch of my development website onto my live domain.
    This means my website will be visible to the general public and that my project is now complete.

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