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Let’s see your business explode online with the development, design, testing & tweaking of a brand spankin’ new website!

Having a quality website and creating content that does justice to your business is vital to the success of your business online.

We know what needs to be done to build a website that your customers will love to use and purchase through, whether that’s by contacting you for your services or purchasing your products through an online store.

Having your dream website built doesn’t have to be painful, stressful, or send you broke.  You just need the right team by your side, guiding you through the process and ensuring every detail has been thought of.


Website Inclusions

If there’s something you need from your new website that isn’t listed here, let us know and we can provide a quote to include it.

Website Set Up:

  • Assistance with purchasing a Domain Name (if you don’t already have one).
  • Secure, managed WordPress Hosting & free SSL Certificate.

Design & Theme Customisation:

  • Optional off-site website build.  If you currently have a live website on your Domain – we build your new website on a demo URL to avoid any disruptions to your current website.  Then, once the new website is complete and you’ve signed off – we transfer the new site on to your live domain overnight.
  • One Theme selection from our range of samples. Click here to view our range: 
  • Theme customised according to your requests of fonts, colours, text content & images.
  • Your Logo displayed in the website header.
  • Click-to-call phone number at the bottom of each website page when displayed on a smartphone.
  • Responsive design that will display professionally on all devices (phones, tablets, laptops, desktops).

Website Pages:

  • Each Website Page will have a link to it from the top Navigation bar.
  • Home Page customised to include your provided text content & images.
  • Contact Page with a Form, your business contact details & a Location Map.
  • Blog Page which will automatically display all of your Blog Posts.  This page is optional for those who would like to Blog.
  • Four Website Pages customised with your provided text content & images.  These may be used for a gallery, portfolio, services, ect.
  • Sitemap Website Page which is an automatically generated index of all the website pages on your website.
  • Privacy Policy Website Page which includes a generic statement advising your visitors of how their information is handled in accordance with Privacy Laws.
  • Terms and Services Website Page which is a generic statement outlining the way in which your website should be used by visitors.

Marketing Integrations:

  • MailPoet email newsletter integration which allows you to collect Subscribers and automatically send them an email each time you publish a new Blog Post.
  • Opt-in box for Mail Poet so you can easily collect new Subscriptions through your website.
  • Social Media Share buttons to allow visitors to your website to easily share your content to their profiles.
  • Social Media Links to your profiles to encourage more engagement outside of your website.

Annual Domain Registration

We can assist you with purchasing your Domain Name (  by guiding you on which Domain Name would be most appropriate for your business.

Or we can register it on your behalf (completely in your name) for you through a third party for $35 per year.

Each year, your Domain Name registration expires and it then becomes available to anyone else to purchase and use as their own.  Ensuring that your Domain Registration is up to date is absolutely vital for your Website which is why we use an automated system.

If you register your own Domain Name – please ensure you have an automatic payment system in place to avoid losing it.

Monthly Hosting

Our standard Secure, Managed Hosting costs $27 per month and includes:

  • Software updates
  • WordPress & Plugin updates
  • Monitored Security
  • Monthly Website Backup

We also have a range of Website Care Plans for our Client which include more services.  You can read about them here:

If you do choose to host your website with us:

  • Monthly Hosting charges will be added to your Project Invoice as we need to collect the first month of fees from you before we can set up your hosting account.
  • We can’t start building your website until we have your hosting account set up and the first month’s payment has been made.
  • If your Hosting payment doesn’t process, your website will automatically be suspended – meaning no one will be able to see it.
  • Because of this, payments are automatically processed by Credit or Debit Card so we’ll give you a call to collect these details when we’re setting up your account.

If you don’t choose to host your website with us:

  • We prefer that our Client’s Host their Websites through us so that we know what standard of Hosting you’re receiving, and so that we can be sure that your investment, and our hard work is properly protected.
  • It also benefits you because you only have one point of contact for your entire website needs.
  • We can leave your Hosting exactly as is if that’s what you’d like and nothing will change with us building your new Website on your current Hosting.

Off Site Build

If you have a live website on your Domain:

  • We will register a Demo URL where we will build your website.  This is known as an off-site website build.
  • We offer this as a free service, as we generally only need to host your Demo Website for a month while we work on the Development.
  • Monthly charges will start accruing 28 days after we request that you complete your First Website Review.  By this point, your Project will be running over schedule.
  • Once your website is built and you’ve signed off on it, we’ll (basically) copy the entire website off the Demo URL, and paste it onto your Domain / URL.  This is known as “sending the website live”.

Fine Print

  • $27 monthly charges will start accruing 28 days after we request that you complete your First Website Review.
  • Monthly & Annual fees need to be paid in advance for the coming month or year.
  • All content created & uploaded remains the property of The Client’s.
  • The Client is required to provide all text & image content.
  • Licence Fees are subject to change by the Plugin Developer.
  • Prices are correct at the time of Quoting.
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