Monthly SEO

We’ll develop and implement a tailored 12 month Local SEO Domination campaign for your fabulous Business within your chosen area.

Our Improved Results Guarantee

Our SEO Domination campaigns work.  We know they do, because we’ve seen the results.  In fact, we’re so confident, we have a Results Promise for you.

We guarantee to improve the Google page ranking of your website for the chosen keywords and locations within the first 30 days of your campaign commencing.

If our Monthly Keyword Report, which monitors your Google page ranking, doesn’t show an improvement after the first month, we’ll continue the SEO Domination campaign for free until it does or until the end of Month 3 – whichever comes first.


Google looks at 3 things when determining the page ranking value of a website: reputation; relevance & currency.

Reputation is all about building trust.  We need Google to trust that your website is going to provide the best possible experience for their end user – being the person using Google to find a local business.

Relevance is all about keywords.  We need to use carefully placed keywords to tell Google exactly what your business does.  What are the services you offer and the locations that you provide them?

Currency is all about being up-to-date.  Google will never send their users to a website that’s out of date.  You could have the most beautiful website ever created,  but unless you have content that is updated regularly, Google will skim right past you when delivery search results.

Why do you need to do SEO work every month?

In order to maintain your Google Ranking, there’s routine work that we need to conduct on your website.  Google looks at 3 things when determining the page ranking value of a website: reputation; relevance & currency.

Every task or service that we carry out on your website is targeting one of these areas and are strategically timed to look as genuine as possible to Google.  This is why our campaigns run over a 12 month period, instead of as a one-off project that will then appear as spam and end up being a complete waste of time and money.

Google constantly changes their algorithms which is geek talk for – they’re constantly changing the “rules”.  Staying in the know with the rules is serious business, and is the only way your website is going to continue to maintain your Google ranking.  

Updates to  your website need to be actioned quickly and by someone who knows what they’re doing.  This is why you need us to continue to manage your SEO Domination beyond the first few months, even when you see the results you want so quickly.

What happens if I cancel my SEO Campaign?

The work that we carry out on your website isn’t removed if you cancel your service.  The content that we write and add to your website will remain yours and won’t be removed.  We don’t actively un-do anything.

What will happen however, is that your website will grow stale without new relevant and reputable information being constantly updated for Google to review when determining ranking positions.

The only service that we provide that may be affected by you cancelling your SEO Domination campaign, is the Personal Blog Networks (backlinks) that refer back to your website.  As these are created by us, on websites that we currently own, we are somewhat limited for space.  Because of this, we will prioritise this service to our current clients when needed.

Fine Print

  • Our Results Guarantee is offered as per terms above.
  • Monthly fees need to be paid in advance for the coming month.
  • A 3 month commitment is required so that we can establish results.
  • Cancel your SEO Domination at any time with no additional fees.
  • All content created & uploaded remains your property.
Target Keywords & Locations

1 Keyword & 1 Location, 2 Keywords & 1 Location, 3 Keywords & 1 Location, 4 Keywords & 2 Locations


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