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Here's how we work sweetie...

We're a collective.

That means we have different Sistas who specialise in their own spesh fields. Sometimes we'll bring another fab woman in to work on a certain aspect of your project because we know they're the freaking best!!! You'll still be in the safe hands of Sistas In Success throughout the whole project though.

We keep communication simple.

We like to keep things casual around here - incase ya haven't noticed, so our main method of communication is through Facebook Messenger. It help keeps everything in one place and it means we can get back to you even when we're on the go.

Emails and phone calls just aren't our thang and we've found that by making the most of Messenger, we're able to really stremline our process and keep our pricing super-awesome for you!

We lurv Pinterest.

When we get to the super-duper exciting part of brainstorming your branding, we dump all our fabulous image finds into your very own Client Board under our account. Once your project is complete, it then become part of our Portfolio which gives you the added bonus of more online exposure.

If you don't already have a Pinterest account, they're free and sooooooo easy to set up so jump on over to get the ball rolling (but be warned - it's totally addictive hee-hee!)

And here's how the process works...


Okay so first off we have our little informal chat on Facebook Messenger just to get to know each other and answer any of your questions.

Then we'll get you to fill out our super-duper questionnaire that shouldn't take you longer than the time it takes to drink a cuppa or bubbles!


Now for the REALLY fun part luvie! We'll create your very own Pinterest Client Board for you to go absolutely bat shit crazy with. This is how you'll show us what you're loving and what you want your branding to look like.

We need you to add to the board:

  • 10 font styles
  • 10 textures
  • 10 colours / palettes / schemes
  • 10 logos

These should be for inspiration only - we're not about ripping off other peoples hard work. Our own Pinterest has heaps and heaps of inspiration that you can choose from, or you can go searching for your own.

Branding Concept - Fonts, Colours & Mood

Once you've finished your brain dump and you've let us know you're ready to progress, we'll get working on selecting your three fonts and five colours. When we've worked through the millions of options to find your perfect match, we'll bundle our selections up in a neat little PDF and send it through with your visual inspiration images.

We want you to absolutely freaking lurv what we've come up with for you but we understand that sometimes it can take a little tweaking. We offer you one free revision at this point for you to provide us with detailed feedback of what you would like changed about your colours and fonts.

Branding Concept Logos & Icons

When we have the go ahead from you on the fonts & colours, we move onto developing your banner, square & secondary logo as well as your icon! Woohoo!!! We'll add this to your Branding Concept and shoot it through again for your approval and make any minor changes based on your detailed feedback if we need to.

Style Guide

Once you've signed off on everything, we'll put together a super-sexy Style Guide for you. This will have your colours, fonts, logos, icons, inspiration and any other tiny important details that are oh-so important when it comes to maintaining your BRAND.

If by this point, there's still tweaks that you'd like done, we'll have to prepare a quote for the additional work. Our option for two revisions before we reach this point usually means, a re-quote isn't needed, but we like to be totaly transparent in how we work!!

Zip File Handover

WOO-FREAKIN-HOO the project's done and you have a super-duper-ultra-sexy-fan-frickin-tastic brand sweetie!

To hand over, we bundle all images, fonts, PDFs and any other little bits and bobs into a zipped file and shoot it off to you. Make sure you download, save and backup this file and keep it safe as we only store Client Files for 6 months.

Super Easy Sweetie!

Let's start with your basic info!

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